Fall Kimono Coat

It is officially fall in California. You would think that I’d be ecstatic, but today, it’s 84 Degrees. I simply can’t with this weather. I suppose we’re having an extended Summer here on the West Coast, so I will have to wait until Winter to begin wearing scarves and sweaters. Layering, however, I can kind […]

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Summer “Scarf”

I’m baaaaaack! Hello loves, I’ve missed you! I took a little break from blogging to make a few updates to my wardrobe and to get inspired! Shooting today made me realize how much I do love blogging and shooting outfits. I missed it terribly! Anyway, today’s post showcases one of my new favorite things, bandanas! […]

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Summer Style with Bella

Hello loves! Hope everyone’s had a wonderful week. Summer has officially begun here in California. As you all may remember, I am not the biggest fan of Summer. This year, however, I’ve decided to embrace this season and make the best of it, style wise. To start this season with a bang, I bring to […]

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Modern serape

My most recent obsession is ethnic prints. I am simply loving the vibrancy and colorful prints seen on garments from different cultures. One that is commonly seen here in Southern California is the serape print. A serape is a traditional shawl/long blanket  worn in Mexico. Colors vary, but among the most popular are the brightly […]

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